York Street Project


The MOC recently joined forces with Music at Saint Mary's of South Amboy, NJ, in order to do a construction project for a women and children's shelter in Jersey City, NJ, called the York Street Project.  The YSP's affiliated secondary school, Kenmare High School, began a community garden project last year at an industrial location, the use of which was and continues to be donated by the owners of the site.  The primary purpose of this garden is to teach the students of Kenmare, mostly women in their late teens and 20s, about healthier eating and living.

Due to the industrial nature of the site, a shelter was desperately needed to provide the women of Kenmare protection from the sun and other elements whilst working in the garden.  It was decided that a deck and pergola should be constructed.

The overall scope of the project was coordinated by Donna Barbara Turso-Dembowski, MOC, and yours truly.  Funds for the construction materials were provided by MASM and 3 anonymous , and the labor was donated by members of both organizations.  Construction of the deck and pergola took a total of 6 days.

Many sincere thanks go to all who made this project possible!

Mr. Bill Humphreys - construction volunteer from YSP;
Mr. Stephen McCarthy - construction volunteer from MASM;
Donna Barbara Turso-Dembowski, MOC - construction volunteer from MOC;
The maintenance crew of the Lackawanna Center:
    Larry, Larry, Mark, Eric, and Mary;
The faculty & students of Kenmare HS who assisted in carrying lumber at the site;
Mr. Wayne O'Connor for supplying the lattice;
Mrs. Marleen O'Connor, Kenmare HS Principal, for her unswerving and constantly enthusiastic support.